Interim Management

Interim Managers are high level experienced executives who help manage periods of transition, change or crisis during a project. Their strategic role within the company enables them to take part in a project, make key decisions and implement them to serve the projects ultimate aim best.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, an interim manager’s role is key to the success of well-managed projects, thus more and more companies hire them to overcome deadlocks.

Critical situations in which companies resort to Interim Managers :

▪   Redeployment and reorganization
▪   Recovery plans for critical situations
▪   Activity transfer and outsourcing
▪   Crisis management
▪   Transfer Management
▪   Activities development : setting up establishments abroad, developing a new product, supervising its growth etc.
▪   Merger and acquisition, industrial transfer
▪   Processes improvement : embracing a new technology
▪   Specific projects : team strategical change

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