Experts Team

1.  Professional support with consultants and managers working with flat rates

  • Managing organisational change
  • Leading projects and organisations efficiently
  • Assisting Project Owners and Managers
  • Guidance and audit
  • Business and contract management, risks analysis, claims
  • Designing, planning, directing and piloting projects and costs
  • Construction management, installations start-up and follow-up

2.  Multidisciplinary consulting engineers

  • General mechanics
  • Special machinery and facilities
  • Electronic engineering

Consulting can take place:

  • On our premises
  • On the customer premises or technical platforms on the basis of a flat rate
  • In our branch in Maghreb with local supervision and support or from our offices

3.  Industrial transfer

We provide technical support to undertake multi-technical industrial transfers. Our services provide guidance and supervision in managing projects and associated consulting. We strive to find the right partners to carry out projects on a large scale, in France or abroad.


  • production unit
  • production line transfer
  • industrial equipment relocation

Savoir-faire and direction of projects:

  • Feasibility, budget planning, study of host site settlement + 3D/2D plans + technical reports + start-up + follow-up
  • Means of production compliance upgrade
  • Logistics (packaging, haulage…)
  • On-site reinstallation / connection to energy networks
  • Maintenance contract and multi-technical service
  • Norms OHSAS 18001 – QSE ISO 9001 – ISO14000

Fields of expertise:
We intervene in various industrial activities such as Automotive Equipments, Aeronautics, Steel, Agribusiness, Logistics, Robotics, Textile, Plastics, Paper, Pharmaceutical and Construction Industries